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Building Material

We are The Experts in Designing and Manufacturing of Construction Machinery & Equipment. We are a widely recognized brand of construction machinery and equipment. We have over 15 years of manufacturing expertise. We design and manufacture machines which are ergonomic, safe, and require minimal maintenance to achieve higher returns for our customers.

Our product range includes mini crane, site dumper, 10/7 concrete mixer machines, RM 800 reversible drum concrete mixer machine, bar bending & cutting machines, builder’s hoist, rail trolley system, wheel barrow, vibrator screed, power trowel cum floater, vacuum pump, concrete groove cutter and other miscellaneous construction machinery & equipments.

Design & Renovation

Let’s say that you are interested in renovating your spare bedroom and turning it into your own customized cinema room. Depending on your local government authority, there will be different rules and regulation for the renovation you intend to perform. You will need the help of a renovation contractor for figure out what can be done and what permits you will need. A renovation contractor can also help you with working out the budget for flooring, ceilings, walls, wiring and plumbing. A renovation contractor will be able to work with your vision and with the dimensions of the room that you are having renovated in order to make your vision of the finished room a reality.
Additionally, a renovation contractor will have all the knowledge of where to get construction materials at the best price, so that they can work within your budget for the renovation. A renovation contractor will be able to assemble the team of subcontractor such as, electricians, plumbers and carpenters.

Smart Home System

If you are here because you want to build your smart home, to build home automation as an ID design feature of your clients, or to start a home automation business, then you have arrived the right place!!

We want to talk to you if you want to learn more about smart home implementation or how to start a smart home business. We will share our knowledge with you if you are a home automation enthusiast like us. We would like you to be our business partners if you also like our Philosophy. Our business is all about serving our customers with a clear mission and a good intention.

Constructing a smart home is very affordable nowadays if you find a good practitioner. The implementation cost could be eventually doubled in the hands of unskilled installation company. We have received many requests to rescue a project that had been badly installed by others.